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Often, visitors will find horses clopping down the cobblestone streets of Historic Charleston, evoking the romantic past of the city. The city was founded in 1670, so its streets are filled with stories from the past.

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Address 8 Guignard St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

+1 843-723-8145


Carriage tours are one of the best ways to see the sights and hear the stories of the Holy City. Various companies, including Palmetto Carriage Works, offer group and private carriage tours around the city’s historic districts.

Palmetto Carriage Works was founded in 1972 by the Doyle family, making it the oldest carriage company in Charleston. In the 50 years since, it has been owned and operated by the Doyles out of their iconic headquarters, the Big Red Barn. Over half of the employees of Palmetto Carriage Company have a decade or more of experience in the carriage tour industry, which adds to the quality of the experience. 

Additionally, the more than 40 horses owned by the company are specifically trained for carriage tours; they are given extensive pasture time throughout the year, and see veterinarians regularly. The barn where the horses are kept is also open to the public. 

The company offers countless types of tours, during the day and in the evening. Tour lengths range from half an hour to an hour, for anywhere from $40 for a public tour to $250 for a private tour. The most common routes explore Charleston’s historic district – both the residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. Palmetto Carriage Company also offers popular Wedding Carriages for wedding transportation. For this special carriage ride, drivers wear tuxedos and the carriages are decked out in silk flowers. 


Palmetto Carriage Works prides itself on showing visitors the parts of Charleston that are less well-known. As the horse-drawn carriages cover the streets of downtown, tour guides will tell the city’s fascinating stories. Famous locations covered by the tour include the Old Exchange Building, one of the most important colonial buildings in the country; Rainbow Row, the iconic street; Wentworth Mansion, one of the finest homes in the city; Riley Waterfront Park, the beautiful green space; White Point Garden, the Civil War memorial, and much more. Visit this link for a list of sights that are covered during the tour. 

In addition to the regular horse-drawn carriage tours through the city, the company provides a combo tour called Charleston by Land & Sea. This tour, for $79, allows visitors a jaunt into the ocean to sea Charleston Harbor.

Explore Charleston from the comfort of a carriage with Palmetto Carriage Works’ high-quality horse-drawn carriage tours. You will see some of the most iconic buildings and gardens in downtown Charleston, and hear stories from its vibrant 400-year history, making a carriage tour of the city one of the best opportunities around.