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Carleston Farmers Market

The Charleston Lowcountry is famed for its homegrown produce and welcoming energy, and there’s no better place to experience the two combined than at the Charleston Farmers Market, held at the heart of Charleston’s historic downtown.

From The Pinch

By Car 2 Minutes
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Address 329 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA


Saturdays, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The Farmers Market is operated out of Marion Square every Saturday from 8a.m. to 2p.m. throughout April-November, though there is a Holiday Market in December. Marion Square is one of the city’s iconic green spaces, covering six and a half acres of original parade grounds. It appeals to locals and tourists alike; it supports nearby farmers and artisans and provides high-quality products to the entire community. 

The Charleston Farmers Market was founded in 1989 by nearby Clemson University, in collaboration with the Charleston city government. Notably, it was named one of the country’s top ten farmers markets by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2008; it is also regularly voted Charleston’s “Best Outdoor Event” and/or “Best Attraction.” 

The organization that runs the Charleston Farmers Market also operates a similar farmers market in West Ashley, a laid-back residential neighborhood across the river from Charleston’s historic downtown. 

Once you arrive at the picturesque Marion Square, you will be greeted with an array of colors, smells, tastes, and experiences. Dozens of vendors host stands every week, offering everything from fresh salad mixes and sea salt to candles and craft beer. As a visitor, you’ll be able to experience true farm-to-table dining, with the opportunity to purchase the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs straight from the farmers themselves. 

Some of the vendors include Altman Farm and Mill, a family institution specializing in baking mixes; Red White & Bloom SC, a homegrown flower seller; Best Pickles in Charleston; Butcher & Bee, a family-style food vendor; Charleston Spice Company; Harlow & Pearl Coffee; Barbara’s Sweetgrass Products, a weaved-basket shop; Lauren Shuler Designs, which sells jewelry, and much, much more. 

Besides the products themselves, the farmers market also offers an opportunity to connect with the local community of Charleston. You can engage with farmers, artisans, and other visitors and locals alike, learning more about the local way of life and local culture. 

In addition, at the Charleston Farmers Market, there are often performances by musicians and other artists, who help create the lively ambiance that appeals to so many people. It’s the perfect place to savor your new purchases in an open-air setting while listening to some soulful tunes.

Located just a block away from The Pinch — less than a four-minute walk — the Charleston Farmers Market is one of the most easily accessible attractions around. Surrounded by iconic architecture, verdant trees, and a warm atmosphere, the farmers market is a complete sensory experience.

It is a must-attend event for fans of fresh produce, visitors looking to immerse themselves in local charm, and anyone who wants to enjoy a fun and productive Saturday morning. 

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